At Pumpkins Nanny Agency, we do not charge a registration fee and we pride ourselves in offering one of the most affordable childcare placement services across Hertfordshire.

Our fee is payable in full 14 days after a position has been confirmed.

Placement fees are:

Permanent Nannies:2.5 x gross weekly salary
Temporary Nannies:
1-2 days placements:
3-5 days placements:

£ 25.00 per day
£20 per day
Less than 3 months placements:£100 for first week
£50.00 per week thereafter
3 month plus placements:2.5 x gross weekly salary (min £100)
Maternity nurses:£50 per session for the first 7 sessions,
£25 per session thereafter
Night nannies:£35 per night for the first 7 sessions,
£25 per night thereafter